Vision Statement

To create a wider awareness and appreciation of the benefits of enhanced dermatology education in primary care and the role of Family Physicians with a special interest in Dermatology.


To represent the interests of Family Physicians with a special interest in Dermatology and provide a forum for knowledge exchange, networking, collaboration and clinical research.

The PCDSC recognizes the value and expertise of the Royal College Certified Dermatologist and seek to collaborate in providing improved dermatological care for our patients.


  1. To provide a forum for family physicians with a focused practice or special interest in dermatology and skin surgery to share ideas, exchange knowledge and learn new skills
  2. To provide quality dermatological educational activities for primary care physicians with a special interest in dermatology and family physicians in general.
  3. To encourage research in dermatology by primary care providers in the primary care setting.
  4. To be a voice for primary care dermatology and facilitate the development of strong links with dermatology specialist groups and patient support groups.
  5. To be a resource to community family physicians and academic family physicians in the area of primary care dermatology.