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PCDSC memberships are open to Physicians Licensed in Canada and Residents Licensed in Canada with a special interest or focus in dermatology. Join us in our common pursuit of realizing our vision to provide timely and excellent dermatological care to every Canadian. Just follow the link below and fill out our application form. We look forward to welcoming you.

Here’s what you get with a PCDSC membership.

With a PCDSC membership, you’ll gain exclusive access to dermatological resources, great networking events, and our physician locator map. Our annual dermatology conference is the only conference in North America specifically curating content for family physicians with focused practices in dermatology.

*Note: The PCDSC logo may be used by the physician member on their website as long as their membership is in good standing with PCDSC. If there is more than one physician working at the medical clinic, all physicians must be a member to use these logos on the website. If not, a member may use logo on their biography page only.

Preferred Conference Registration Rates
Attend our dermatology conference and workshops.
Access to Our Exclusive Resources
Includes educational content, member discounts, Job Board, announcements, and past webinars.
Networking Opportunities
Network with peers and experts in the field.
Complimentary Webinars
That are relevant and board reviewed for our members.
Highlighted on the Physician Locator
Featured on our physician locator map available to the public.
Nationwide Credibility & Recognition
The PCDSC name, *logo, and membership provides additional credibility to your practice/clinic.

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