PCDSC is open to Physicians Licensed in Canada and Residents Licensed in Canada with a special interest or focus in Dermatology.

Please complete the ONLINE membership application to join! We invite you to join us in our shared quest of fulfilling our vision of facilitating timely access to excellent dermatological care for all Canadians.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Primary Care Dermatology Society of Canada (PCDSC).


  • Preferred Registration Rates to attend our Annual Conference and Workshops.
  • Resources: We will feature journals, articles, and publications of interest to our Members.
  • PCDSC logo: The logo may be used by the physician member on their website as long as their membership is in good standing with PCDSC. If there is more than one physician working at the medical clinic, all physicians must be a member to use these logos on the website. If not, member may use logo on their biography page only. Please contact the PCDSC office atinfo@pcdsc.ca to request these logos.
  • Promote the Excellence of your Practice/Clinic: The PCDSC name and membership provides additional credibility to your practice/clinic.
  • Networking opportunities with peers.
  • Certificate of Attendance at CME Events/training courses.

Membership Categories


A “Physician Member” may be any physician, who holds a valid medical license in Canada and is in good standing with their provincial College of Physicians, with a special interest/focus in dermatology, and has a Diploma in Dermatology or equivalent.  Physicians in this category would ideally spend more than 50% of their time practicing dermatology. A Physician Member shall have a vote at any General Meeting, may serve as a Director and may hold office.


A “Resident Member” may be any physician who is enrolled any Dermatology program and is not otherwise eligible for membership.

A “Student Member” does not have voting privileges but shall be able to hold office.

Online Membership Application

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Membership dues for 2022 are $350.00.  Dues not received by March 31, 2022 will have a late fee of $75.00 applied to the membership fee.