PCDSC 2nd Annual Conference
Friday, May 25 & Saturday, May 26, 2018
Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

2018 Call for Clinical Cases


Important Dates:

Call for Clinical Cases Overview:
The PCDSC 2nd Annual Conference Scientific Planning Committee invites clinical case submissions of interesting or difficult cases from PCDSC members for consideration for oral presentation in the conference program.

Cases with clinical, dermoscopic and histologic correlation with images are preferred. Patient consent is required. All information that would permit identification of the patient should be removed.

We encourage submissions related to these areas:

  • Presentation of unusual clinical manifestations of a common disease process for education purpose
  • Presentation of a classic case of a rare clinical entity for educational purpose
  • Presentation of a clinical unknown for diagnostic assistance
  • Presentation of a case for therapeutic assistance

Format for Case Submission:

Physical Examination

  • Description
  • Clinical Photo
  • Dermoscopy Photo


  • Date and findings
  • Histology Slide

Other lab Examinations

Different Diagnosis:

  • Diagnosis
  • Management

Declaration of Conflict of Interest:
Please complete the Declaring and Disclosing Conflict of Interest form and include with your submission. This is to meet the criteria and guidelines established by the College of Family Physicians of Canada for Mainpro Credits.

Clinical Case Instructions and Guidelines:

  • Clinical Cases must be in English or will NOT be accepted
  • Must be a Member in good standing with the PCDSC
  • Submit your Clinical Case in a Word file format
  • Save your Clinical Case as Last Name, First Name (i.e. Smith_Chris.doc)
  • Content shall be pertinent to the format for case submission
  • Content shall be absent of commercial statements and/or product endorsement
  • When mention of a particular product is necessary, opt for generic whenever possible
  • Illustrations: submit electronic files as a TIF, JPG, or GIF. Colour illustrations are preferable
  • Title should contain no more than 70 characters
  • The rest of the Clinical Case text should include no more than 250 words
  • Declaring and Disclosing Conflict of Interest form must be included with your submission
  • Clinical Cases not conforming to the above guidelines will NOT be accepted

Where to Send your Clinical Case Submission:
Please send your Clinical Case Submission to the PCDSC office.

There are two options to send your submission:

  1. Submit via email to info@pcdsc.ca and or sroberts@pcdsc.ca with the subject heading PCDSC 2nd Annual Conference Clinical Case Submission. OR
  2. Submit directly to the PCDSC Dropbox account by typing the below link to your web browser.

-Please select the ‘Choose files’ button and select your document.
-You may add additional documents by selecting ‘+Add another file.’
-Please enter your First Name, Last Name, and email address and select ‘Upload.’

After you successfully upload your document/s to Dropbox, a message reading ‘Done’ will appear and you will
also receive notification to your email. (Please note to submit a file, you do not need a Dropbox account).

Submission and Review Process:
Each submission will be reviewed by the Scientific Planning Committee. Submissions will be reviewed for merit, relevance and clarity. Please comply with the submission template to ensure due consideration of your submission.